Should I get root canal or extraction

Should I Get a Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Extraction?

March 1, 2023

Have you been suggested a root canal by your dentist to eliminate severe pain and lingering sensitivity in a specific tooth? Your dentist would also have mentioned that you can either get a root canal or remove the tooth for relief from the discomfort because it is the only alternative available.

The fear of receiving a root canal treatment will make you think tooth extraction is better because it instantly eliminates excruciating pain. However, have you considered what the consequences of a missing tooth will likely be in your mouth and how it can impact your oral and general health? If you haven’t, we suggest reading this article to learn more about why you must prefer getting a root canal instead of considering tooth removal.

Root Canal or Tooth Extraction — Your Choices

When suggested a root canal with alternatives to eliminate the discomfort, you will likely think you benefit from a tooth extraction in Scarborough, ON, little knowledge about the consequences of losing a natural tooth or what will befall you after you have the tooth extracted.

Removing a tooth requires 30 minutes or fewer, instead of a root canal needing 45 minutes or more. However, tooth removal exposes you to various consequences, some of which are described below for your understanding.

A missing tooth encourages your remaining teeth to drift into the blank space to create misalignments in your mouth. The teeth in the opposite jaw will also start drifting upwards or downwards towards the empty space. The misalignment will create a bad bite, making you need orthodontic treatments to align your teeth. In addition, the edentulous socket becomes a breeding ground for food particles and bacteria that soon start creating infections in your mouth to need additional treatments.

You can replace the missing tooth with solutions like dental implants or dental bridges, needing multiple appointments with dentists besides considerable expenditure to restore your missing tooth.

Therefore you can consider tooth removal in Scarborough or preserve your natural tooth and eliminate the infection by receiving a root canal in Scarborough, ON, which helps save your natural tooth and prevents unnecessary expenditure.

What Does A Root Canal Entail?

Root canals are relatively straightforward and involve a procedure to eliminate severe infections in your tooth affecting the dental pulp. The condition might result from an untreated cavity, a chipped or broken tooth, or repeated procedures on the same tooth. Whatever the reason, the dental pulp infection causes excruciating pain besides lingering temperature sensitivity even after removing the sensation.

The dental clinic in Scarborough, ON, completes root canals in 45 to 90 minutes, depending on which tooth is affected. Anterior teeth having one canal are treated in 45 minutes. Unfortunately, molars with multiple canals need more time and occasionally require two appointments with the practice to eliminate the infection.

When performing root canals, dentists administer local anesthesia in your mouth, besides providing oral conscious sedation to calm your anxiety. The procedure involves drilling your tooth from the top or the rear to expose the dental pulp for removal. The dentists remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp with the nerves using flexible instruments before disinfecting and cleaning the canals. They also fill and seal the tooth with a biocompatible rubber-like material, gutta-percha, before placing a temporary filling in the access hole, advising you to restore the tooth after you recover.

Root canals generally cost fewer dollars than replacing a missing tooth that requires ongoing maintenance for life. On the contrary, root canals save your natural tooth to ensure you continue using it for many years after getting it restored with a dental crown.

What’s Your Preference — Root Canals or Tooth Extraction

After reading the above information and understanding how dentists calm your nerves and pain impulses, you will prefer getting a root canal instead of having a natural tooth removed to have replacement solutions. You decide wisely when you prefer endodontic treatment instead of getting your tooth extracted merely because you think root canals are fearsome. The therapy helps preserve your natural tooth besides preventing unnecessary expenditure and multiple visits to dentists for various treatments. Therefore if you receive a suggestion to have a root canal, kindly do not waver to eliminate the infection in your tooth by considering tooth extraction.

Dental Metaverse Clinic performs many root canals on patients helping them preserve their natural teeth. If you have received a suggestion for this treatment, kindly do not consider tooth extraction but receive it from this dental practice.

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