Reliable Dentures in Scarborough, ON

Reliable Dentures in Scarborough, ON

We urge you to meet the Dental Metaverse Clinic specialists if you are interested in partial and full dentures near you. By offering our patients the best partials and full dentures in Scarborough, you will have access to the dental care you need for optimal oral health and hygiene.

When you entrust us to your care, you have a dentist near you who specializes in transforming lives with partials and complete dentures. Our dentists have helped many patients like you with a wide range of dental care.

Please call us if you have been searching for a dentist in Scarborough, ON. The staff at Dental Metaverse Clinic will love to schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our dentists. We will be more than happy to discuss the best treatment plan for your needs.

What Are Dentures And Their Types?

Partials and full dentures are durable, artificial teeth that are designed to take the place of your missing or damaged teeth. Partials may be the best fit for one or more missing teeth, while complete dentures are likely your best option if you are missing entire rows of teeth.

Partial and full dentures can significantly improve your quality of life. Your smile will look beautiful, and you can enjoy eating various foods.

Tooth loss often results in accelerated jawbone resorption. As a result, your facial structure can begin to change with time. Fortunately, these treatment options can help restore your facial features and prevent further loss.

How Long Does Dentures Treatment Take?

Partials and complete dentures usually take between three weeks and three months. During your appointment, your dentist will create a mold. It is given to a technician who uses the mold to build your custom partials or complete dentures.

Denture Repairs And Relines

Over time, wear and tear, accidents, or changes in the oral structure can cause your dentures to become loose, uncomfortable, or damaged. Denture repairs involve fixing broken or damaged dentures, replacing missing teeth, or repairing clasps. Relining dentures involves reshaping the denture base to improve its fit and stability.

These procedures are performed by dental professionals, ensuring that dentures fit securely, function properly, and provide optimal comfort for chewing and speaking. Regular check-ups at Dental Metaverse Clinic and timely denture repairs can extend the lifespan and usability of your dentures.

Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper denture cleaning and maintenance are crucial for maintaining oral health and extending the lifespan of dentures. Regular cleaning helps remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria that can accumulate on the denture surface.

To clean dentures, they should be removed and rinsed under running water to eliminate loose debris. You can use denture-specific cleaners or mild hand soap with a soft-bristle toothbrush to scrub the denture, including all surfaces and crevices. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the denture.

Additionally, dentures should be soaked overnight in a denture cleanser or water-based solution to keep them moist and prevent warping.

Please book an appointment at Dental Metaverse Clinic to start your journey to a natural-looking and functional smile with our partial and complete dentures.

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