Dr. Vikhar Ahmed
Dr. Vikhar Ahmed D.D.S

Dentistry is Dr. Vikhar’s passion. He graduated from the University of British Columbia and has more than a decade of experience in all aspects of dentistry around Canada.

He enjoys providing all types of dental procedures. Dr. Vikhar has a natural aptitude for emergency services like root canals and surgical extraction and has completed a significant number of continuing education courses because he has developed a deep interest and passion in the field of surgery. He extracts wisdom teeth that are impacted and create a range of issues, like crowding to cavities.

Before coming up with a final treatment strategy, Dr. Vikhar thoroughly assesses all his findings and discusses through each one with his patient. He excels at clearly describing the patient’s treatment in order of priority. This makes the patient more comfortable during the future dental treatment steps and helps them understand the state of their oral health. In effort to take care of patients’ dental needs, Dr. Vikhar is eager to get to meet all of the beautiful neighbors and members of the local community.

During the time off, Dr. Vikhar loves exploring different countries with his family, watching movies and outdoor sports.

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