DIY Teeth Whitening Facts

DIY Teeth Whitening Facts

August 1, 2023

Everyone dreams about bright and white teeth. Many think DIY teeth whitening methods are affordable and will deliver results without realizing the facts behind the whitening remedies.

If you contemplate using DIY methods to brighten your teeth, it helps if you understand the fallacies of this technique and prefer teeth whitening in Scarborough, ON, instead of harming your teeth by using DIY techniques.

Suggestions When Contemplating At-Home Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are stained, it helps if you consult your dentist to determine which home remedies can brighten them and use the dentist’s recommended products instead of trying over-the-counter products available by the dozen.

It is essential to practice excellent dental hygiene regardless of the treatment you choose. As mentioned earlier, dozens of OTC products for teeth whitening are on the market. However, you should not expect miracles because they are only effective against surface stains.

You must follow your dentist’s and the manufacturer’s advice if using products the CDC accepts. In addition, you must abstain from using the products because they can make you vulnerable to tooth sensitivity, decay, and other oral health problems.

Most importantly, you must remain careful about teeth whitening hacks because the products cannot give you whiter teeth recently using natural methods. In addition, the results and risks of DIY teeth whitening methodsare minimal and high, depending on what you consider. For example, if using lemon and baking soda is affordable, the risks include enamel erosion resulting in tooth decay. Therefore you must remain careful when using DIY methods to brighten your teeth.

Fallacies about DIY Teeth Whitening

Coconut Oil Pulling Brightens Teeth:

While swishing coconut oil in the mouth before spitting it out may or may not brighten teeth, it can undoubtedly upset your stomach because it is not an evidence-based whitening hack. Therefore it is best to avoid using coconut oil to whiten teeth and prefer professional teeth whitening by dentists near you to achieve the brighter smile you desire.

Activated Charcoal:

If blackening your teeth results in whitening them, it is one of the common myths about DIY teeth whitening debunked instead of advertised. Activated charcoal is not scientifically proven to brighten teeth. Instead, the abrasive ingredient can damage your teeth by eroding tooth enamel and making it sensitive to temperatures to need treatments from dentists.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinet may appear like an attractive and affordable option to brighten teeth. Unfortunately, the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar harms tooth enamel and makes you vulnerable to receiving expensive treatments from dentists costing more than professional teeth whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide with Baking Soda:

Using two portions of baking soda with one cut of hydrogen peroxide for two weeks at 10 minutes daily brightens teeth. Unfortunately, it is not an excellent idea to use a dental guard for whitening not customized for your teeth by the dentist. Hydrogen peroxide can irritate your gums, especially if you have gum recession because the ingredient can contact the exposed tooth roots causing unnecessary problems. In addition, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide can also cause problems because it is practically impossible to measure the appropriate amount of the ingredient as recommended by the CDC. Finally, it is highly challenging to mix hydrogen peroxide precisely when using it at home, so avoiding this whitening method is best.

Before trying any home teeth whitening techniques, you must research effective DIY teeth whitening methods and facts and ensure that you have your teeth assessed by your dentist for dental issues that you may have, such as cavities or cracks, which can irritate the dental pulp when whitening the teeth.

Whitening toothpaste is ineffective in brightening teeth, making it essential to use the brand for a long time before visualizing slight effects.

The optimal way to bleach teeth at home with less potent hydrogen peroxide is to accomplish your goal by using the custom-created at-home trays by the dentist. You may require two weeks to achieve the results desired than the instant results delivered by your dentist through in-office teeth whitening. However, if you persist with at-home teeth whitening, you must continue brightening your teeth until you are satisfied with the colour.

DIY teeth whitening methods are popular among people for their affordability instead of the results they deliver. If your teeth are discolored, it helps if you contact Dental Metaverse Clinic to brighten them instead of using DIY techniques that cause more harm than good. The dentist in Scarborough offers safe and effective teeth whitening with instant results visible within the hour.

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