Can You Replace a Failed Dental Crown?

Can You Replace a Failed Dental Crown?

April 1, 2023

Dental crowns are restorations placed on damaged or decayed teeth lasting seven to ten years. Occasionally they can fail earlier because of various reasons. However, if the dental crown protecting and preserving your tooth has failed or broken, you can receive a replacement for the restoration by visiting the dental clinic in Scarborough, ON, requesting a replacement.

Present-day crowns help preserve severely restored or broken teeth to prevent further breakdown. Dental restorations are made from durable materials like porcelain, metals, ceramics, et cetera. Besides fixing the tooth’s integrity, dental crowns are also aesthetically pleasing and remain in your mouth like your natural teeth.

While dental crowns last long if appropriately maintained and cared for with excellent dental hygiene, they may occasionally need replacements. As a result, time, wear and tear, damage from trauma or further tooth decay might compel you to replace the dental crown.

Issues with Existing Dental Crowns

Three reasons associated with existing dental crowns that can result in needing replacements to include the following:

Chipped or Broken Crown:

Dental crowns can chip or break identically to natural teeth. For example, if you suffer dental trauma when playing sports, bite on complex foods, or have the restoration of your tooth for some time, wear and tear can impact the restoration. The quality of work during dental crown placement can also influence its longevity and success. Your dental hygiene regimen and oral care routine are also responsible for dental crown failure.

Unaesthetic Appearance:

A common reason for changing existing dental crowns is because of changes to the gum line and appearance of your teeth. The changes make the dental crown aesthetically unpleasing. In addition, the appearance of ceramic crowns from earlier can lose aesthetics and natural vitality over time. Time-related changes like tooth discoloration, receding gums, and aging of the material may influence aesthetics. In addition, dental crowns placed some years ago may not be as aesthetically pleasing as modern-day crowns. Therefore you might see dark edges around porcelain fused to metal crowns that appear unsightly. Although the appearance of the dental crown doesn’t indicate failure, it might affect your aesthetics to make you think you must have whiter and more attractive teeth to consider replacing the existing dental crown.

Tooth Decay:

Although durable materials help make the dental crown, the tooth beneath it is natural. If the tooth receiving protection from the dental crown attracts tooth decay, dentists will suggest removing the dental crown, treating the pollution, and restoring the tooth with a new crown.

Replacing Existing Dental Crowns

Replacing existing dental crowns is identical to getting a new restoration. In addition, the existing crown needs removal before replacing it.

The affected tooth must undergo preparation after the removal of the existing restoration. For example, if the tooth has decay, it needs removal and treatment before it is reshaped to receive a new dental crown in Scarborough, ON. Occasionally the maintenance might include a root canal with the rebuilding of the tooth beneath.

After tooth preparation, impressions or digital scans of the teeth are taken with images of the opposite jaw and your bite. The impressions are for the dental laboratory to create your new dental restoration by choosing the precise colour and material. At the same time, you wait for a couple of weeks with temporary acrylic crowns over your tooth.

Sometimes the dentist might call you over for a trial fitting if they need to make minor adjustments or optimize the colour, shape, and function, especially if you need a front dental crown replaced. The dentist ensures the restoration blends seamlessly with your remaining teeth and doesn’t look out of place after placement over your affected tooth.

If you have a failed or failing dental crown and wonder whether it is replaceable, kindly do not stress over it because restorations like dental crowns need replacements every seven to ten years. This is because wear and tear, trauma, and regular use can fail dental crowns. In addition, a failed dental crown will not protect the underlying tooth exposing it to additional damage. Therefore you can receive a replacement for an existing crown whenever you notice damage to the restoration by visiting the Scarborough dental clinic requesting a replacement.

If you have an existing crown that you think is failing, don’t hesitate to contact and book a dentist appointment at Dental Metaverse Clinic, where the dentists will happily examine your tooth and the restoration to give you a replacement in approximately two weeks.

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